Q: How do I order a Debit Card? 
A:  You may order a Debit Card by visiting or calling one of our local branches. Please click here for locations and contact info.   
Q: I recently ordered a Debit Card. When will I receive it and how do I activate it? 
A:  You should receive your Debit Card within 10 business days after your card was ordered. You may activate your Debit Card by calling the toll-free number located on the front of your card.  
Q: I tried to activate my new Debit Card over the phone and received an error message. Why? 
A:   If the telephone number you are calling from is not a telephone number that is on file at The Coastal Bank, you will receive an error message when you attempt to activate your card.  To activate your new card by phone, you must call from a telephone number that we have on file.  If your telephone number has recently changed, please notify one of our branches to have your information updated. 
Q: How do I know what my PIN (Personal Identification Number) will be? 
A:  All new Debit Cards are set with a temporary PIN which is the last four digits of the Debit Card owner’s social security number.  When activating your new Debit Card, you will be required to select a permanent PIN that will be used for all PIN-based transactions when using your card. 
Q: How do I change my PIN? 
A: You may change your PIN at any of The Coastal Bank’s ATMs or by calling 1-866-633-5293.  You will need to know your existing PIN to change your PIN to a new number.  Once your PIN is changed, the new PIN will be effective immediately. 
Q: My Debit Card was declined while I was trying to make a purchase. Why? 
A:  There are several factors that could result in your Debit Card being declined while you are attempting to make a purchase: 
The amount of the transaction may have exceeded your account balance or daily purchase limit 
There may be an Address Verification issue. Address Verification is a security feature that matches the address we have on file with the address or zip code you may be asked to supply at the time of purchase. 
Although unusual, the Debit Card network or the processing company used by the merchant could be temporarily down or offline. 
If the purchase is unusual when compared to your Debit Card transaction history, the transaction may be flagged as potentially fraudulent. This is a security feature designed to protect you from fraudulent activity associated with your Debit Card. For this reason, please notify us if you plan to use your Debit Card for a significantly large purchase or for purchases made out of the state or country.  
If none of these reasons apply, please contact your nearest branch and we will be happy to investigate why a particular transaction was declined.  
Q: Do I have to enter my PIN when making a purchase? 
A:  No, unless a vendor or merchant requires you to do so.  In most instances, you may choose to use your Debit Card as a “CREDIT” transaction. If you choose to use your Debit Card as a “CREDIT” transaction, you will be prompted to sign a receipt to authorize the transaction rather than entering your PIN. 
Q: Why was I asked to provide my zip code when using my Debit Card? 
A:  This is a security feature designed to prevent unauthorized parties from using your Debit Card.   If asked to provide your zip code, enter the zip code that you have on file with The Coastal Bank. 
Q: How much cash may I withdraw on any given day from an ATM using my Debit Card? 
A: The standard amount that you may withdraw from an ATM is $500.00 per day. If you need to withdrawal more than $500.00 in cash on any given day, we recommend for your security, that you withdrawal the cash by visiting one of our branches. 
Q: Is there a dollar limit on purchases using my Debit Card? 
A:  Yes. This is a security feature. The daily purchase limit is $1,200.00 for a personal Debit Card user and $1,500 for a business Debit Card user. If you anticipate making a purchase above your specified limit using your Debit Card, please contact us in advance before making your purchase. 
Q: I’ll be using my Debit Card out of town / out of the country. Do I need to notify The Coastal Bank? 
A:  When traveling, it is always a good idea to notify your debit and credit card providers so they may make note of your trip and prevent potential processing issues with your card(s). Any activity that is considered unusual when compared to your historical card usage may trigger a security flag.   
Q: What security features are in place to protect me from fraudulent activity associated with my Debit Card? 
A:  The Coastal Bank employs a transaction monitoring system that alerts us of potential fraudulent activity.  The bank then contacts you, the cardholder, to verify the validity of the transactions. 
Q: Where may I use my Debit Card? 
A:  You may use your Debit Card to make purchases wherever MasterCard is accepted. 
Q: What ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) may I use?  
A: You may use any of The Coastal Bank ATMs without incurring a fee.  In addition, there are over 23,000 non-Coastal Bank ATMs that may be used surcharge free.  To use our ATM Locator and find your nearest surcharge free ATM, click here.  All ATMs (in or out of our network) are considered surcharge free for any client who has a Prime Checking account.  
Q: What is Out of Band Authentication?  
A: The Out-of-Band solution offered by The Coastal Bank is designed to reduce the risk of potential fraud by confirming your user identity through the use of a one-time security code.  This solution significantly improves the security of your account, meets the Federal Financial Examinations Council's (FFIEC) guidance requirements, while streamlining your process for everyday logins.  For more information click here.  
Q: What browsers are compatible with The Coastal Bank's Online Banking? 
A: The Coastal Bank has certified the following browsers for use with our online banking system. The Coastal Bank may not always have advance notice of the availability of a beta version for per-certification or the opportunity to test prior to general market availability. The Coastal Bank will continue to be proactive in evaluating and testing new browser versions.  
Operating System Internet Explorer        Safari             Google Chrome           Mozilla® Firefox  
Windows XP                               8.0            N/A      31.0-32.0                26.0-27.0  
Windows Vista                          8.0 – 9.0            N/A       31.0-32.0                 26.0-27.0  
Windows 7                          8.0 – 10.0            N/A       31.0-32.0                 26.0-27.0 
Windows 8                                 10.0-11.0                 N/A                    31.0-32.0                          26.0-27.0 
Mac OS X 10.8                  N/A        6.1-6.1.1       31.0-32.0                  26.0-27.0 
Mac OS X 10.9                              N/A                     7.0-7.1                 31.0-32.0                          26.0-27.0 
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