Online Banking 
Q:  What is Out-of-Band Authentication? 
A: Out-of-Band Authentication is a security solution that uses a phone call or text message to confirm a customer's identity. 
Q:  Why does the system ask for my personal information (SSN, DL, and Mother’s Maiden Name) during the enrollment process?  What if I don't want to include some of this information? 
A:  By filling in your personal information it helps us properly identify who is actually registering, so we can ensure only the person eligible to have access to the account is granted access.  We cannot process your registration if all of the information requested is not filled out. 
Q: What is the password requirement? 
A:  Your password must meet the following criteria: 
  • Must be a minimum of 8 characters
  • Must use at least 1 number
  • Must use at least 2 letters
  • At least 1 letter must be uppercase
  • At least 1 letter must be lowercase
    Q: What browsers are compatible with The Coastal Bank's Online Banking? 
    A: The Coastal Bank has certified the following browsers for use with our online banking system. The Coastal Bank may not always have advance notice of the availability of a beta version for per-certification or the opportunity to test prior to general market availability. The Coastal Bank will continue to be proactive in evaluating and testing new browser versions.  
    Operating System Internet Explorer        Safari             Google Chrome           Mozilla® Firefox  
    Windows XP                               8.0            N/A            19                                      8 - 12  
    Windows Vista                          8.0 – 9.0            N/A            19                                      8 - 12  
    Windows 7                          8.0 – 9.0            N/A            19                                      8 - 12  
    Mac OS X 10.7.4 “Lion”              N/A           5.1.7            19                                      8 - 12  
    iOS                                                   N/A             5.1           N/A                        N/A  
    Android                             N/A            N/A           N/A                     Firefox  
    Due to the way that Safari has changed how it handles cookies and caches website information, BillPay may not work when using the Safari browser. In order to use an iDevice, MAC computer, or Windows computer using the Safari browser to access BillPay, please follow these steps: 
    1. Choose Safari > Preferences, and then click Privacy. 
    2. In the “Block cookies” section, choose “Accept all cookies” or  “Accept third-party cookies” or “Never” block cookies. 
    This new Safari configuration also affects Bill Pay access on Safari for iOS - iPhones and iPads. 
    iOS update may have changed your Safari settings. Tap Settings >Safari >Accept Cookies and change it to “From visited” to “Always.” 
    Tap Settings> Safari > Advanced > Website Data and select “Remove All Web Site Data.” 
    Business Banking 
    Q:  Where do I enter my Company ID? 
    A:  As of October 1st, 2012, we no longer require a Company ID. Your Business Online Banking users will simply need to enter their username in the User ID field on the homepage, followed by their password on the screen that follows. 
    Q:  How often do I have to change the password? 
    A:  You will be prompted to change your User password every three months. 
    Q: I’m locked out. How do I reset my password?  
    A: Contact your Company Administrator and they will unlock you.  If you are the Company Administrator and are locked out please contact Online Banking Support @ 912-201-7377. 
    Q: Why do I have to create security questions?  Are my security questions case sensitive? 
    A:  The security questions are part of our Enhanced Login Security (Multifactor Authentication) to protect you.  Your security questions are case sensitive. 
    Q: Why is the system asking me a security question every time I log in?  
    A:  You did not enroll the computer you are logging in from.  The next time you answer the questions it will ask you if you want to register this computer.  Choose yes if this is a computer you will use on a regular basis to access your online banking.  
    Q:  How many computers can I enroll for Enhanced Login Security / Multifactor Authentication? 
    A:  There is no limit on the number of computers you can enroll. 
    Q:  What is Multifactor Authentication? 
    A:  MFA requires the user to provide something additional beyond username and password to login.  This enhanced security means that even if a user has their password stolen in a phishing attack or by malicious software, the fraudster cannot access your online accounts.  How this works is on a computer of your choice, a unique, secure device ID (a cookie) is placed in the browser of your PC.  This links the computer to the user for login.  During logins, we will check for both correct password and matching device ID.  If the device is not present or is mismatched, your login will only be allowed if your security questions are answered correctly.  There is no limit on the number of computers you can enroll. 
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